GBK: Findings and mission

Faced with the considerable challenges of sustainable development, France is not up to the challenge because it offers solutions that are too traditional and too slow.

GBK’s mission is to respond to CSR issues by developing and implementing innovative solutions both in the projects it carries out and in the way it develops these projects.

GBK is also 50 expert-entrepreneurs developing projects in our respective fields, driven by the desire to participate in a solidarity and collaborative economy. We have decided to pool our skills within a collective, GBK (Green Business Keys), whose mission is to co-manage project leaders by giving them Power and Agility.

Because we give them access to skills that they could not have at their stage of development.

Because these skills are therefore outsourced and they do not weigh on their fixed costs.

Chaired by Bruno Viansson-Ponte, GBK has all the functionalities of a company while freeing itself from their partitions, their silos and their possible limits of competence. Unlike the incubators and accelerators that abound at present, our collective is committed to all the projects it co-pilots, before and after fundraising: each file is studied with pragmatism for on-the-job support. measure, according to concrete needs.

A systemic approach:

1- Economic dynamism

Extrapreneurial pathway, Scale up support and Financing and business management.

2- Ecological transition

Neutral and positive energy Waste management and recovery climate optimisation from audit to operation.

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3- Welcoming people

Improvement of existing buildings, creation of eco-neighbourhoods and Structures for the public.

4- Social cohesion

Revitalising neighbourhoods, Ensuring interconnectivity, Securing intercommunality and Meeting the needs of the “silver” population.

The cluster and its 5 Taskforces, include a wide variety of companies and skills united around shared values.

Three objectives: Innovation, Tailor-made solutions and Common Management.

Please check our presentation Flyer here, and let us know of you need our help and Business Network.

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