UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex company, installed an ExoFlex gas generator for Jomarca, a manufacturer of fasteners, bolts, nuts and fixing elements in Brazil. The generator will supply exothermic gas to a continuous wire annealing furnace, which is part of Jomarca’s efforts to meet market demand efficiently and sustainably for baling wire in the South American construction industry. The ExoFlex gas generator is the latest addition to Jomarca’s in-house heat-treating operations. The company now has the ability to produce exothermic gas on-demand with zero waste while also making more efficient use of electricity and gas feedstock. By using exothermic gas instead of nitrogen, the company expects to reduce operating costs, increase production efficiency and improve the wear properties and finish of its wire products.

Jomarca also owns and operates two EndoFlex endothermic gas generators from UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex company, that supply endogas to the company’s production for carburizing fasteners.